El-dosuky Research


I am interrested in Nature-Inspired Optimization and its applications for Astronomical Image Processing, Big Data, Brain-Computer Interface, Social Networks , and Robotics


  • HKH:Helen Keller Heuristic,a Common Ground Scenario for Human-Robot Interaction
  • 3D Face Identification
  • Subject Recommendation Using Ontology for Computer Science ACM Curricula
  • Brain–Computer Interaction (BCI) Using a Fast Algorithm for Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and a Specialized Hardware
  • Genetic Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (GCOA)
  • Implementation of a New Visualization Framework of Job Scheduling in Grid Computers
  • A Dashboard of an Education Data Portal using Big Data Solutions
  • Food Recommendation using Ontology and Heuristics
  • New Heuristics for Interfacing Human Motor System using Brain Waves
  • New Hoopoe Heuristic Optimization
  • Obesity Heuristic, New Way on Artificial Immune Systems
  • CACO : Competitive Ant Colony Optimization, A Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic For Large-Scale Global Optimization
  • Improving Insight Problem Solving Using Heuristics (Thesis)
  • Visualization of Job Scheduling in Grid Computers
  • FAFSA: Fast Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
  • Veni Vidi Vici, A Three-Phase Scenario For Parameter Space Analysis in Image Analysis and Visualization
  • Go Heuristics for Coverage of Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
  • New SpiroPlanck Heuristics for High Energy Physics Networking and Future Internet Testbeds
  • Overcoming Misleads In Logic Programs by Redefining Negation
  • Robopinion: Opinion Mining Framework Inspired by Autonomous Robot Navigation
  • Simulated Tom Thumb, the Rule Of Thumb for Autonomous Robots
  • Spike and Tyke, the Quantized Neuron Model
  • Collaborating Robotics Using Nature-Inspired Meta-Heuristics
  • Improving problem solving by exploiting the concept of symmetry
  • Q# , a quantum computation package for the .NET platform
  • Quantum-inspired Huffman Coding
  • General Framework for Quantum Computing (Thesis)
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